The meaning of Bikers Welcome slogan

When we’re asked what Bikers Welcome means....

It means that we are more than glad to meet motorcyclists in our restaurant.

Some may find it odd as bikers are always connected to noise, hubbub, incidents and alike.

The truth is completely different, though. Bikers are mainly intellectuals with attitude and character, who know what they want.

From taking your bikes and equipment to enjoying first-rate food in both the restaurant and on terraces we can offer “something more”, as much as we can.

In fact, maybe we’ve opted for being still one of few caterers who have recognized that bikers are very special guests, who, no matter what the weather is like, enjoy the ride and the beauty of travelling making en route breaks and savouring culinary moments; unfortunately, they are still very rarely really welcome.

However, we do understand that you may need both more understanding and of course more place for putting your equipment down, for changing your clothes and so on; that, once arrived, you may wish to stretch your legs a bit and take position that is not usual in restaurants – we warmly welcome all of these!

Dear bikers, we are right by the main road and we’re an excellent stop for relishing culinary treats.

This means that Bikers Welcome means exactly the same as Bikers Friendly!

Bikers welcome!